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Is It Better to Wash Your Face With Foam of Facial Cleanser?

Sep. 17, 2021

As a cosmetic packages supplier, I will show you the reason.


The Benefits of Using Foam of Facial Cleanser

Conducive to Thorough Skin Cleansing

Because the facial cleanser is milky, it is difficult to foam if it is directly applied to the face without rubbing it in advance. When the facial cleanser is not fully foamed, it will not only affect the cleansing effect, and can not completely remove the skin oil and dirt; at the same time, it may also leave the facial cleanser in the skin pores, which may lead to skin acne.


Prevent Absorption of Facial Moisture

The foaming process of facial cleanser is actually a process of absorbing moisture. If you put the process of rubbing and foaming the facial cleanser directly on the face, the facial cleanser will absorb the moisture on the face. After washing the face in this way, the skin will feel very dry and tight. So we need to rub the foam on the hands first, and then put it on the face.


Avoid Skin Irritation

Some facial cleansers on the market contain soap-based ingredients, which are more irritating to the skin. If it is directly applied to the face without diluting with water to produce foam, the skin irritation will be greatly increased. Especially people with sensitive skin are likely to have allergic symptoms such as skin redness, fever, and itching. Therefore, diluting with water will not only help squeeze the foam, but also reduce the irritation of the facial cleanser to the skin.



How to Make Foam Quickly with Facial Cleanser?

Foam Bottles

Foam Bottles


You can use the rubbing technique. When foaming the facial cleanser, squeeze out some facial cleanser and place it in the palm of your hand, and then gently rub it and it will foam.

In addition to rubbing with your hands, you can also use foam cleansing bottles to create foam.

Steps for usage


Facial cleanser foaming bottle is a popular product in the last two years. Its main function is to make the facial cleanser produce more bubbles, so that the cleansing effect of the facial cleanser will be stronger; and it will be more convenient to save the step of rubbing the bubbles with your hands.

The foam produced by it is more dense, which can reduce the irritation of the facial cleanser to the face, and can clean the skin more thoroughly. The most important thing is that it avoids hand contact, thereby reducing the chance of contact between bacteria and facial cleanser to double the cleaning effect.

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